Why You’ll Love Nimbo

Extended Security Coverage

Nimbo integrates leading-edge Artificial Intelligence with a range of capabilities including autonomous patrol, object detection and human activity analysis, to provide 24/7 security coverage, 365 days a year.

Effective Decision Making

Nimbo provides warnings on security anomalies in real-time and facilitates live video observation, enabling your security presence to effectively determine the response required.

Seamless Integration

Nimbo seamlessly integrates with your VMS in a control room environment, whilst the mobile application allows your guards to be ‘on the go’.

Where You’ll Find Nimbo

From offices to warehouses, Nimbo fits right in. Create custom routes in a matter of minutes and then set Nimbo on patrol to identify security anomalies using leading edge Artificial Intelligence.

Shopping Centres

Data Centres


Educational Facilities

Latest News

Nimbo attends the Security Exhibition and Conference

Nimbo was well received at the Security Exhibition and conference that brings together the largest collection of electronic and physical security suppliers in the Southern Hemisphere. Read the article about Nimbo at the conference.

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